Obama answered to Ahmadinejad's letter - Funny
Obama answered to Ahmadinejad's letter - Funny

Obama answered to Ahmadinejad’s letter

Obama answered to Ahmadinejad's letter - Funny
Obama answered to Ahmadinejad’s letter – Funny

Ahmet Kaya was the fifth and last child born to his father, a Kurd who had moved from Adıyaman to Malatya, and his Turkish mother. He first encountered music at the age of six. Ahmet Kaya worked for a while as a taxicab driver in Istanbul before becoming well known as a singer in the mid-1980s.

His first album, Ağlama Bebeğim, was released in 1985. His popularity continued to rise into the 1990s when in 1994 he released the album Şarkılarım Dağlara which sold a record copies. All of his 1990 albums became chart-toppers.

During his career he recorded approximately 20 albums and was known for his protest music and positions on social justice. Recurring themes in his songs are love towards one’s mother, sacrifice, and hope.


Rassoul Bodaghi, a senior member of the Iranian Teacher’s Association who has been repeatedly harassed by security agents since he was conditionally freed from prison a few months ago, will not obey a mysterious summons ordering him to appear in court on July 16, 2016.

Iran is currently one of the youngest countries in the world. Since the Islamic Revolution of 1979, Iran’s population has grown to 76 million people, out of which 70% are the youth under 35. However, in spite of its 7000 year-old history and its rich culture and civilization, the youth are still deprived of basic human rights.

Clip from “Paterson” directed by Jim Jarmusch, starring Adam Driver.

فیلم سفر با زیر نویس فارسی
فیلم سفر با زیر نویس فارسی

The Journey, a feature film commissioned by Australia’s immigration department to deter Afghan asylum seekers, premiered on local TV last last Friday. Filmed in three countries and costing Australian taxpayers $6m, the movie focuses on hopeful asylum seekers who meet tragic fates while attempting to cross the Indian Ocean to Australia. Afghanistan is the world’s second-largest source of refugees and migrants in 2016, after Syria

Iranian artist and activist Atena Farghadani has received the 2015 Award for Courage in Editorial Cartooning by the Cartoonists Rights Network International (CRNI).

Farghadani is currently serving 12 years and nine months in prison for drawing a cartoon.

The Courage in Cartooning award will be presented to Farghadani in absentia by CRNI founder and Executive Director Dr. Robert Russell in Columbus, Ohio, on September 5, 2015.

Farghadani was arrested in August 2014 after drawing a cartoon of Iranian parliamentarians with animal faces. Following her release four months later, she posted a video in Persian on youtube describing how prison guards had mistreated her physically.